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 Shop Westwood Pavillion for unique metal art roosters, razorback hogs, donkeys, goats, horses, flying pigs, ants, flowers, and more… . Westwood Pavillion has the a fabulous assortment of distinctive garden and home decor 

All of your orders ship in 2 days …. for items out of stock it will be 2 to 3  weeks for next shippment.  Thank you we appreciate your business.


visit Us: http://westwoodpavillion.com

Location:  Westwood Pavillion 83 Westwood Ln, Brenham, TX 77877. 

Next to Cinema 6 

Glenn & Eloisa (832) 470-4776

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The Best Place Westwood Pavillion

83 Westwood Lane Brenham, TX 77833

Next to Cinema 6

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Call For Directions    (832) 731-3290 or

Ask For Glenn or Eloisa






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