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armadillo-metal art-westwoodpavillion

 Armadillo Metal Art Decorative

Armadillo Sm metal art $35.00

  •  Armadillo Sm metal art is handmade with an age of patina finish.
  • Colors tone  patina  finish.
  • Outdoor or indoor.
  • Measurments Aproximate:  4 3/4 W x17 1/2 L    x 5 H
  • Imported.             

        Why we choose manmade materials.

Piece of art is made from recycled metal pieces, parts, scrap metal u other pieces. The artist  create pieces of art from the recycle -scrap metal. Why we choose manmade materials because forge iron last longer, thicker material, but they have a superior feel and a rustic look.

Imperative value for outdoor & Indoor decorating:

Simple  Armadillo Tone Color and Beautifully to your outdoor or indoor space  with this hand made metal garden decor- Add  personality with this .


fitting rooster

fighting rooster 018-1

 Fighting Rooster Metal Art Decorative

What does a fighting rooster doing in my garden.

AntiqueFighting Rooster Metal art $35.00

It is believed that cockfighting in Mexico originated from the Philippines during height of Manila-Acapulco galleon trade. Filipino sailors brought with them their culture such as the drinking of tuba and cockfighting. In Aguascalientes, a state capital, one of the city's principal concert halls is the cockfighting arena, the palenque. Palenques are very common throughout the country, with almost every major city having one, and are closely related to Mexican traditional music performers, such as Vicente Fernández, and also being (as mentioned below) the stage for pop artists as well. During the San Marcos Fair, well known throughout Mexico, cockfights alternate with important concerts, where the singers or dancers perform from the cockpit. Many popular singers have performed there, e.g. Latin Grammy winners Alejandro Fernández and Alejandra Guzmán.[citation needed]



Rustic Stars from 24 inches to 72 inches….from Mexico

stars 48 inches rustic

stars 24 inches rustic mexico

Starts  72 inches $125.00

Stars  60 inches  $100.00

Stars  48 inches $85.00

Stars 36 inches $39.00

 Stars 24 inches $28.00

and More….


skull with horsn

Skull with Horns   35 W x 21 1/2   $75.00
To be pick up in store only 83 Westwood Ln ,Brenham, Texas 77833 (832) 470 – 4776


texas star metal art

Star Texas metal Art  29  W x 29  $45.00
To be pick up in store only 83 Westwood Ln ,Brenham, Texas 77833 (832) 470 – 4776

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