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Westwood Pavillion in Brenham, Texas carry unique recycled metal art animals home garden deocr  like  metal art roosters,  metal art flying pigs for your home…Wester Decor …agave s, cactus, boots, longhorns..Garden Decor like angels,  bird houses, flowers, roses, zinnias for your patio or home!  Yes you can fill your home and garden with angels, recycled metal art animals home garden decor…iguanas, dot-sons and sophisticated piece of art for every room Indoor-outdoor many styles to choose for your home and garden.

 Some of the  recycled metal art animals from Mexico  that we carry are recycled metal art animals home garden decor roosters,  recycled metal art animals from Mexico flying pigs, recycled metal art animals from Mexico razor back Hogs,  bannies recycled metal art animals from Mexico ..metal art  Horned Toe Lizards Mascot TCU for your home and garden decor

In the home and garden decor section we have recycled metal art  animals from Mexico like recycled metal art razorback hogs, .. recycled meta art Western Boots, Bird Houses, recycled metal art cactus, agaves, wall cathedras….

  Animals Recycled Metal Art From Mexico Home Garden Decor  


Other recycled metal art from Mexico Items in the landscaping section are …metal Credentials, metal Tables, metal Chairs, metal Coffee Tables, metal Bar Tables….. Fabulous for the Patio in your at Home u Garden                       

Art home garden decorative  iguanas, owls made with resin-compose.  Ornaments items a terrific Gift for someone special…..peggy Banks, dotson dogs,  caws.

Why we choose recycle metal art from Mexico for your home and garden? recycle metal art from Mexico is more durable and some pieces have a rustic finish, others an antique finish and many a soft finish. The creativity of the Mexican artist brings many exceptional styles.

Mexican handcrafts and folk art is a complex collection of items made with various materials and intended for utilitarian, decorative or other purposes. Some of the items produced by hand in this country include ceramics, wall hangings, vases, furniture, metal art animals , textiles and much more. Mexican handcrafts and folk art

Westwood Pavillion brings many pieces of metal art and folk-loric pieces native of Mexico and we are continually add these wonderful pieces to our collection.  We also be carring some Mexican antiques such as "metal picayelos" ice tongs, "molcajetes" stone bowl, plancha para tortillas…..original pieces for your home and garden

Mexican Curious are items typically and deeply related with Mexico, Mexicans, and, specially and more important, Mexican culture like Aztecan items, bullfighting, flamenco Spanish Music items, South America and gift shop items…..metal guitars, molcajetes, sonajas, azteca calendars, castanuelas, bulls,  ….

We carry a variety of art that can be a decorative piece in  your home and garden  like recycled metal art animals …from Mexico  chickens, wall decorations….. …. more

Other can be use in your garden or patio us well like metal ants, recycled metal art bannies, metal armadillos, metal buffalos, cat-fish metal, metal chickens, crawfish, dogs, ducks, gooses, metal elephants, metal frogs, fishes, flamingos, horned- toe, 3 running horses, horses, jalapeños mariachis, lizards, mermaids, pigs, pelicans, porky pine, metal rabbits, razorback-hog, sea horses,  metal Tortugas,  turkeys,  metal wood peckers,  mariachis,  pelicans,   and…. more

We have a large selection of items for your garden or patio.

Other non metal materials "compose-materials" like Dotson dogs, iguanas, razorback hogs, Mexican Chihuahua and elegant decorative for your home and garden … more

We carry a great variety of garden decor made with recycled metal art from Mexico.. like metal trellis, metal arches, metal trees, wall metal trees, wall metal decorations, metal art flowers stand decor, 3 zinnias metal decor, 3 planter decor, metal-shelves, gazebos-dome metal, metal baker racks, swings garden, hanging baskets, wall wood cathedral decor, fleur de Liz trellis, guitars, cruces, roses stick stand, suns, metal art Marlboro man, Don Pancho, wall candles, metal stand candles, sunflowers 3 stand, sunflower stone stand, wall baskets, welcome chicken wall decor, metal chairs, metal tables, seamstress decor, metal benches, metal candelabras stand, metal art bird house stand tall-medium-small, metal palm tree-large-medium-small, metal clowns, screw man, Harley Davidson wall deco, metal art cactus, metal topiaries, garden-accessories garden metal and …. more

In our  animal area we have recycled metal art from Mexico like .. recycled metal buffalos,  bannies, cat-fish metal, recycled metal flying pigs, metal art crawfish, dogs, ducks, recycled metal gooses, elephants, frogs, fishes, flamingos, metal art horned- toad, 3 running horses, metal art horses, recycled metal jalapeños mariachis, lizards, recycled metal mermaids, pigs, pelicans, porky pine, rabbits, razorback-hog, sea horses,  metal art Tortugas,  turkeys,  wood peckers, metal art mariachis,  pelicans,   and…. more

In the metal art  roosters category we have metal art roosters antique rust x small  , metal art rooster antique blue Tail  , metal rooster rooster antique green tail ,  metal art rooster green,yellow, red tail, metal art rooster big     and many more

In the Metal art flying pigs category we have metal art flying pig x small, metal art flying pig sm, metal art flying pig crawn, metal art flying pig pink, metal art flying pig antiques and…. More

In the metal art horned toe lizards mascot TCU we have metal art horned toe small, metal art horned toe medium, metal art horned toe large and… more

In the metal art recycled animal section we have metal art  buffalos  , metal art e lephants, metal art ducks…and more

In the metal art razorback hogs we have razorback hog small ,  razorback hog Md , razorback hog Large…

in the the western decor we have metal art boots, metal art armadillos west gun, metal art horse  , longhorn, longhors skull, skull white, guitar, western boot big….more







When you purchase, order, buy, or shop you will be getting discount pricing with us. 

Merchandise 30%   to 50% below Retail Value.

Need something special E-mail Us  a photo and we will locate it for you! Call for Info  832 .713.3290

Location: Westwood Pavillion 83, Westwood Ln Brenham TX. Next to Ciname 6





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