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Westwood Pavillion brings art work from Mexico and other countries for your home and garden. Our classic styles and unique designs have been selected very carefully from many locations. Some of our products are man-made from recycled metal art and others are handcrafted from polyester resin/fiberglass.

When you purchase, order, buy, or shop you will be getting discount pricing with us.  Merchandise 30 to 50% below Retail Value.

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 Armadillo  Sm   Metal Art Decorative


  • Armadillo is handmade with an age of patina finish.
  • Colors are  range  ..patina  finish.
  • Outdoor or indoor.
  • Measurments A proximate: 4.0 Dia x 6.5" W x 8.5" T
  • Imported.             

        Why we choose manmade materials.

Piece of art is made from recycled metal pieces, parts, scrap metal u other pieces. The artist  create pieces of art from the recycle -scrap metal. Why we choose manmade materials because forge iron last longer, thicker material, but they have a superior feel and a rustic look.

Imperative value for outdoor & Indoor decorating:


Simple and Cute- Beautifully to your outdoor or indoor space  with this hand made metal garden decor- Add  personality with this .


    In Stock   Small      $20.00     






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armadillo front red armadillo back red
armadillo brwon mostasa armadillo metal art red
armadillo red metal art   armadillo green brown metal art
armadillo green metal art   armadillo


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