Longhorn Skull

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 Metal Art Decorative

Longhorn Orange Skull Metal Art

  •  Longhorn Orange Skull metal art is handmade with an age of patina finish.
  • Colors are tone  patina  finish.
  • Outdoor or indoor.
  • Measurments Aproximate:  42" W x  17" T x  3" Dia.
  • Imported.             

        Why we choose manmade materials.

Piece of art is made from recycled metal pieces, parts, scrap metal u other pieces. The artist  create pieces of art from the recycle -scrap metal. Why we choose manmade materials because forge iron last longer, thicker material, but they have a superior feel and a rustic look.

Imperative value for outdoor & Indoor decorating:


Simple  Longhorn Orange Skull  and Beautifully to your outdoor or indoor space  with this hand made metal garden decor- Add  personality with this .


    In Stock   Small     $80.00 Each

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