How to Embellish Your Garden with Mexican Talavera Pottery From Mexico

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Mexican Talavera Pottery

 Donkey Pottery $45.99

  •  Hand-Painted Talavera made by many Artist from Mexico Donkey
  • Talavera Donkey is a piece of art  with many vibrant details  and colors to embellish your home or garden.
  • Colors: Cobal blue, orange, white, teal this are some of the colors with majolica style patterns to complement any space in your home.
  • Dimensions: 13H x 12W
  •  Imported

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Mexican Talavera Pottery..History

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ceramics in Mexico date back thousands of years before the Pre-Columbian period, when ceramic arts and pottery crafts developed with the first advanced civilizations and cultures of Mesoamerica. With one exception, pre-Hispanic wares were not glazed, but rather burnished and painted with colored fine clay slips. The potter's wheel was unknown as well; pieces were shaped by molding, coiling and other methods.

After the Spanish Invasion and Conquest, European techniques and designs were introduced, nearly wiping out the native traditions. Indigenous traditions survive in a few pottery items such as comals, and the addition of indigenous design elements into mostly European motifs. Today, ceramics are still produced from traditional items such as dishes, kitchen utensils to new items such as sculptures and folk art. Despite the fame of the prior, the bulk of ceramic items produced in the country are floor and wall tiles along with bathroom fixtures. Mexico has a number of well-known artisan ceramic traditions, most of which are in the center and south of the country. Examples are the Talavera of Puebla, the majolica of Guanajuato, the various wares of the Guadalajara area, and barro negro of Oaxaca.


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